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IKOR Life Management Services uses a client-centered approach to care for those who are dealing with aging- or disability-related concerns. We put a lot of effort into developing a strategy that aids clients in upholding their dignity, however they define it. We support ongoing concerns with health or daily living. IKOR Advocates provide assistance to people, their families, and other professionals who are preparing for or coping with difficult medical, psycho-social (social, mental health, or cognitive), environmental, or financial aspects of life. Our collaborative method clarifies the next stages and aids in setting up realistic care objectives. This ensures quality treatment and a fulfilling life. Our support lessens anxiety, stress, the need for time-consuming research, and the interpersonal conflict that results from not knowing what to do next.

  • Assessment, establishment of goals, and monitoring
  • Planning and problem resolution
  • Advocacy and education
  • Coaching for family caregivers
  • Daily Money Management (not financial planning)
  • Care costs and future needs planning

Our advocacy staff collaborates with our clients to keep an eye on them in any setting that they live.  In addition, based on the functional capabilities of the clients, we suggest and employ technology to lower risks, increase safety and security, and preserve as much freedom as feasible. Our team uses technology to monitor developments and potential concerns connected to safety, exploitation, or abuse. As a result of our involvement, Seniors, Adults with Disabilities, and Children with Special Needs have expert eyes and ears on the care and daily life concerns and challenges where they reside. We are aware of what excellent care looks like. We are able to identify predatory or inattentive care and obtain the necessary support for the care and daily living needs of the people we serve.

IKOR serves as the central point of contact, informing loved ones and other professionals about the individual’s wellbeing and evolving needs. All of the standard business communication methods are used, including email, fax, text, phone calls, video calls, and our own software, Datikor 2.0.

Yes, we can assist in finding Medicaid, Veterans Benefits, Medicare and Waiver Services through Federal, State, and local programs for those who qualify based on their income. We use these programs in accordance with the specific needs of the customer and keep up to date on the available local and affordable resources. We exclusively provide non-duplicative services, and we’re renowned for finding creative solutions to challenging situations.

IKOR Life Management can help if you’re concerned about a senior, disabled adult, or special-needs child. IKOR can provide education and planning insight into how your finances are tied to Long Term Care for Aging in Place. IKOR Life Management Services can help ensure your safety, independence, and quality of life for someone who doesn’t have any family nearby.  We are not a replacement for family, but we are someone you can rely on to advocate for you or someone you care about. We know how to determine needs and link you to relevant services for peace of mind and quality of life.

Our processes are based on how each person is functioning in their environment. Our procedure often starts with an examination to understand the customers specific circumstances, even if we’re not assisting with future planning. We must comprehend the client’s level of functioning, as well as their present support system, medical needs, and current medications and providers. Interviewing the person, compiling relevant medical records, creating a personalized action plan, and discussing the options with all parties engaged in the care are all part of the assessment process.

No. Currently, the older adult, their estate, a family member, or other caregivers are usually responsible for covering care management expenses. Care management services may be covered by some long-term care insurance policies. Some of our clients also use funds from a Supplemental or Special Needs Trust or funds from a trust to pay for higher-quality care. Our IKOR Advocates specialize in supporting beneficiaries of Special Needs Trusts. Occasionally, some employers are beginning to appreciate and offer aging life care services through employer assistance programs (EAPs). Find out if you are qualified for coverage by contacting your employer or long-term care insurance. Consult your financial or tax expert if you’re unsure if a service is tax deductible.

You may save time and money in a number of ways with the help of life management professionals. They can first help in making wise future plans and assist in preventing crises. Helping our clients avoid crises is our top focus because it may be difficult and expensive. Second, to assist people preserve their independence as long as possible, life management professionals may frequently arrange for services to be provided at home. We provide recommendations on when it would be most affordable to relocate to a community setting or group home as part of our planning process. Third, Life Management Professionals can effectively link service needs with the right organizations since we are aware of both the needs of the client and the resources that are accessible.

We work with all ages, not just the elderly. IKOR Life Management Professionals help those with the following conditions as well:

  • Physical Disabilities
  • Developmental Disabilities, (e.g., Intellectual Disabilities, Down’s Syndrome, Autism, or Asperger’s Syndrome)
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Chronic Health Concerns
  • Mental Health Problems
  • Chronic or Serious Illnesses of any type