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For Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities
For Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities
For Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities
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You deserve to age well. To live well. IKOR is here to help.

As people age or experience disabilities, caring for every aspect of life can become very challenging, especially for those wanting to age in place or live in an independent living arrangement. Life Care Managers act as “professional relatives,” with expertise, bandwidth and compassion, to help clients handle everyday life, as well as hurdles, both big and small. For over 20 years, IKOR has provided holistic and comprehensive assessments and life care management services, enabling optimal wellness for our clients. Our services support healthcare, financial, environmental, mental and psycho-social wellness via comprehensive assessments and knowledgeable and compassionate life care management. From in-person wellness checks, accompanying clients to healthcare appointments to simple bill-pay and Power of Attorney services, and much more in-between, IKOR is ready to meet you (or your loved one) wherever you are in your life’s journey, so you don’t just “live life.” You live life well.

IKOR is on a mission to improve the lives of others by helping them to better navigate the complexities brought on by aging or long-term health challenges, enabling greater independence, safety and well-being.


The IKOR team consists of Registered Nurse Care Managers, Client Support Specialists and financial professionals. We provide comprehensive and centralized support to our clients, with a commitment to quality care and seamless communication. Having a centralized life care management provider ensures that all of our clients’ needs are met and all stakeholders invested in their care are informed. Individuals, family members, healthcare professionals, wealth advisors, trusts and attorneys trust IKOR to serve as a centralized advocate, care manager and problem solver. Underpinned by expertise in nursing and aging life care management, there is no problem IKOR is unprepared to help solve.

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Centralized Support for Every Aspect of Your Life

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Care Management and Healthcare Advocacy

Through the lens of a healthcare professional, IKOR RN Care Managers are able to obtain a real understanding of our clients and support them with knowledgeable and compassionate care management and healthcare advocacy. We enable greater safety and overall well-being.

Life Management

Outside of healthcare and financial needs, many seniors or people living with disabilities can benefit from having someone help them with the "extra tasks" of life that require time, organization, focus and follow up. IKOR's Client Support Specialists are here to coordinate and troubleshoot on behalf of our clients.

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Fiduciary & Daily Money Management Services

IKOR acts as a fiduciary for our clients, when needed. Our services include Financial Power of Attorney and Minor Trustee services, as well as daily management of finances. Our services are fully insured and secure. We help protect our clients from predatory behavior, maintain their independence and keep their finances on-track.

How We Differ From Other Care Providers

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Who We Support

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As a trusted counsel to elders, people with disabilities, and their families, most professionals ultimately recognize when they have reached the limit of their knowledge. Working with IKOR of Eastern Pennsylvania allows you to focus on your core competencies, while relying on our experienced staff to assist you with the care and daily living difficulties you recognize in your clients.

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Single seniors without children, or couples with children who live far away or have limited capacity, might feel vulnerable as they age without assistance. Our services have provided residents throughout Eastern¬†Pennsylvania with incredible peace of mind. From accompanying clients to healthcare visits to basic bill payment to assistance with hiring care and home maintenance professionals, IKOR serves as a “professional relative,” complete with compassion and expertise.

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Families come to us for assistance with scheduling and attending healthcare appointments, supporting and coordinating the delivery of in-home care services, coordinating and overseeing home maintenance and repair, and a variety of other services. Parents of adult disabled children come to us for planning and help in the event that they are unable to provide the necessary care. With both in-person and virtual services, our team fulfills these needs for your loved ones.

Our Team Members Participate in the Following Organizations

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