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IKOR offers life management services to our clients that are feeling overwhelmed and need extra support in their lives in order to maintain their desired level of independence. These services may be offered as standalone or in collaboration with care management and healthcare advocacy and/or fiduciary services. IKOR’s approach to supporting our clients is completely personalized to their needs. However, our clients and their families have a greater peace of mind knowing that the IKOR approach is always led by the initial assessment conducted by a RN Care Manager. This means that IKOR always has eyes and ears on the clients, enabling us to recognize changes in their wellness and potential needs for a greater level of care. Most of our life management services are designed to help our clients to safely age in place. We have the expertise and staffing to prepare them to age in place and then help them maintain their safety and independence.

disability advocacy

IKOR Provides a Pathway to Successfully Age in Place

Home Modifications – Home modifications made to meet the changing needs of the elderly or disabled. Aspects of a house that were once practical become challenging as we age because our physical strength and mobility decline. Simple house adjustments like installing railings in the bathroom or a chairlift on stairs can be made, as well as more substantial changes like building a ramp or an accessible bathroom expansion.

Accessible Home Building – Wider hallways and doors, room for a wheelchair turning radius, non-slip flooring, ramps, and walkways, special lighting, roll-out or pull-out shelving, easy-to-grasp doors, faucets, and drawers, accessible switches, no-step entries, roll-in showers, ADA roll-under countertops and workspaces, and other specialty features can all be found in accessible floor plans. To make sure that the money spent on accessible homes meets the needs of the person, not the contractor, we collaborate with experts in the field.

Life Enhancement – Organizing activities to improve life quality in a way that takes into account each person’s unique interests and gives them meaningful and enriching activities.

Living Arrangements – When our customers are healthy and not in a hurry to make a change, we propose they visit senior living facilities. From here, they can decide if they want to plan for senior community living or to age in place. We assist in determining the level and kind of care that the individuals need. We make an effort to reduce the number of moves a person may make. We can aid in selecting the kind of care facility that could best suit their unique needs and also refer our clients to seasoned placement specialists, who help with community placement, at no cost to our clients. If our clients need to react to a sudden change in their health and care needs, our RN Care Managers can guide them through that process.

Home Organization, Repairs and Maintenace – Many of our clients find themselves overwhelmed by a pile up of paperwork and items they couldn’t part with over the years. IKOR sifts through paperwork and creates organization for important life documents and bills. We also help clients to purge the things that they no longer need and downsize to what is manageable and useful for them. We also often see yards, gardens and homes that need special attention and maintenance; we hire and manage landscapers and other home repair professionals, so our clients can enjoy a clean, safe and uncluttered environment. These services can also be offered as our clients are preparing to move; we also refer our clients to realtors that specialize in selling homes for seniors.

Personal Needs Support – Some of our clients need in-person “check-in visits,” which can help distant family have eyes and ears on their loved one. This support also includes services such as picking up groceries or running basic errands.