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Life can get complicated. You don't have to face it alone.

Managing things like healthcare, insurance, finances and many other everyday life responsibilities can feel daunting as one is aging, widowed or experiencing a limiting disability. Many look to family to help, but that can often present challenges. IKOR Life Care Management services can help you navigate life, so your time spent with family can be focused on relationships. Our holistic approach to care management includes in-person wellness visits, focused support and healthcare coordination in times of illness. IKOR serves as a consistent and centralized provider of support, oversight and advocacy – ensuring the safety, well-being and dignity of our clients. 

We begin client relationships with a personalized assessment to evaluate:

  • Personal life goals and wishes
  • Appropriateness and safety of and satisfaction with living environment
  • Psychosocial, intellectual, and cognitive abilities
  • Risks for abuse (financial and physical)
  • Complete medical, surgical, and psychiatric profile and needs
  • Daily money management and administrative compliance

Based on this assessment, we create a Life Map, providing specific recommendations to address short- and long-term needs. Accordingly, we provide care management and advocacy, fiduciary and daily money management, and life management services as needed.  We regularly check in with our clients and perform on-site quality assurance visits, as necessary, to ensure services are being delivered in accordance with our client’s wishes and according to their changing needs.

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Care Management and Healthcare Advocacy

Through the lens of a healthcare professional, IKOR RN Care Managers are able to obtain a real understanding of our clients and support their healthcare with knowledgeable and compassionate care management and healthcare advocacy. We enable greater safety and overall wellbeing through holistic care management services.

Life Management

Outside of healthcare and financial needs, many seniors or people living with disabilities can benefit from having someone help them with the "extra tasks" of life - that require time, organization, focus and follow up. IKOR's Client Support Specialists are here to coordinate and troubleshoot on behalf of our clients and provide them with a clear pathway to successfully age in place.

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Fiduciary Services & Daily Money Management

IKOR acts as a fiduciary for our clients, when needed. Our services include Financial Power of Attorney and Minor Trustee services, as well as daily management of finances. Our services are fully insured and secure. We help protect our clients from predatory behavior, maintain their independence and keep their finances on-track.