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Maximizing Support: A Partnership with Aging Life Care Professionals

As a trusted advisor to elders, people with disabilities, and their families, most professionals eventually realize they have reached the limit of their expertise. Many professionals are aware of some of the care-related programs available in their area, but comprehending all of the government and private programs, as well as navigating these complex areas for your clients’ specific circumstances, can be time-consuming and difficult. Medical and care-related issues have a considerable impact on the legal and financial situation of our aging clients. When professionals feel overwhelmed and at the limit of their knowledge, they tend to withdraw from supporting their clients in these key areas of their lives.

IKOR of Eastern Pennsylvania is trusted by legal, financial, and medical professionals. When care and normal living concerns are not being addressed adequately, we can be eyes and ears or provide support to family members. We also assist those who do not have family members who can help them.

We stay current on medical best practices by coordinating with all medical, psychiatric, and therapeutic modalities. We have relationships with the majority of private duty medical and home care providers. We are familiar with Medicare, Medicaid, and waiver programs. We are knowledgeable with local care resources, as well as local and state government programs and local living communities.

We regularly monitor changes in FINRA regulations affecting vulnerable individuals and the Seniors Safe Act to prevent financial exploitation. We are well-versed in the authorized expenditures of Special Needs Trusts, and we collaborate with several local Trust and wealth management organizations to support their clients’ care and everyday living needs.

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Professionals frequently come to us for assistance with one or more of the following areas of care for a client they support:

  • Assistance with healthcare or disability advocacy, medication management, and health and wellness concerns. We are experts in assisting with Special Needs Trust care and expenses. We assist Trust beneficiaries with difficult medical, mental health, or disability issues.
  • Coordination of in-home caregivers or caregivers who live in the house
  • Planning and execution of crisis intervention or hospital discharge
  • Unwanted influence or abuse suspected
  • Assist with Waiver Service and program coordination
  • Lease agreements and caregiver agreements support for persons living in Trust-owned property under supervision
  • Recommendations for safety, house improvements, or car purchases
  • Large-scale purchase proposals for Trust-owned properties
  • Recommendations for level of care
  • Recommendations for quality of care
  • An objective third-party review of a situation
  • Annual assessments for vulnerable adults’ care and daily living concerns
  • Planning and assistance for children with special needs
  • Oversight of care and routine living concerns
  • Life Care Plans, cost utilization, and care cost projections
  • Cognitive assessment, support, treatment, and oversight
  • Visits to Care Communities to address care quality
  • Financial – daily money management/routine bill payment, or Financial Power of Attorney
  • Environmental areas, housing, safety, mobility and modifications
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When You Work With Us, You Can Expect:

  • A reliable, trustworthy, and professional presence —By being a dependable presence in both good and bad times, we strive to support your best interests, foster trust, interconnection, and confidence.
  • Confidentiality  — We strive to gain your trust. We are aware that we are involved in some of your life’s most private matters. We go above and beyond to protect your privacy and confidentiality.
  • Result-oriented innovation — Healthcare service providers often concentrate on how they’ve always done things. Many providers want you to fit into the way they do things. Unfortunately, they don’t always provide what customers want or expect. Our Eastern Pennsylvania IKOR team is renowned for producing outcomes via innovation in both our work and our programs. We customize our services to fit your unique wants and situation.
  • Personal and organizational accountability — We make an effort to create a work environment that is transparent and accountable to you, your family, and our referral sources. Our invoices, notes, and conversations are precise, comprehensive, and transparent thanks to our web-based Datikor 2.0 system.
  • Collaboration — We strive to use the combined genius of our team and yours. We work to resolve disputes amicably and to encourage cooperation among all parties.
  • Commitment to your best interest — A fiduciary standard of care is something we support. We collaborate with anyone else you name while putting your interests first at all times.

FAQs By Our Financial and Legal Professional Customers

As a legal or financial professional, you are very skilled at handling the legal and financial aspects of your clients’ lives, but you may quickly step outside of your comfort zone when dealing with your clients’ routine live medical, cognitive, mental health, care-related, and support managing tasks. We have just as much expertise in life’s areas connected to care as you have in your fields of expertise. All aspects of care and daily life are assessed, planned, and assisted by us. In addition, we will serve as a power of attorney, a guardian, assist with financial planning, and show up at the hospital or in an emergency. Our aging life care professionals work together with you and the families of your clients to provide a high quality of life, support individual dignity, and preserve the legacy of their care.

We provide free consultations on long-term care, mental health, and aging (insurance too). We are familiar with all levels of care, home care, Medicaid, Medicare, and Veteran’s Benefits. We understand the care system and the challenges of providing for the vulnerable. We can navigate life’s care-related challenges because we know where to turn for help. We are familiar with both public and private programs, their costs, and whether or not your clients might qualify for another program. Our top focus is the client’s best interest, and we assist in determining what that is based on their financial situation, wants, needs, and expectations. As a compassionate advocate supporting in all care-related areas where support is needed, we assist you in developing a relationship with your clients and their families.

We strive to be flexible, and we tailor our services to each client’s needs and individual situation. With everyone involved, we establish a relationship and adapt the process to the client’s needs and the family’s wishes. Based on their needs and preferences, we connect with family and professionals and maintain thorough records of our interactions with them. We communicate by text, email, fax, and logins to our private systems. The caseloads of the employees are kept in check to allow for effective interactions and communication that satisfy the informational needs of the clients and their families.

The term “legacy” is frequently used in the legal and financial sectors in connection with legal and financial affairs. Care has a legacy as well, though. A strong family system is aided by how your family supports elderly or disabled family members preserve their wellness and dignity. When necessary, family relationships can continue to operate smoothly by involving a client advocate. Being a caregiver is a difficult and demanding job. Our aging life care professionals have the knowledge to bring in the appropriate resources to address the issue when it becomes necessary to consult with legal or financial experts, keeping you connected in the areas where you require connection and resolving the issues in areas that are not your expertise.

We stay in our lane of care, and we are knowledgeable enough about your work to bring you in when your clients require your expertise. We can keep you informed with as-needed calls, plan monthly or quarterly talks, or arrange in-person meetings to work with you to act in your client’s best interest, as long as they give us permission to speak with you (the majority of customers sign a release). We are proud of the job we do and the connections we have. Our care systems typically demand our clients to adjust to them since caring for vulnerable people is complex. When we can, we try to get the system to adapt to the client because we are quite familiar with these systems. We are happy to discuss this further and answer any questions you may have if you believe we could benefit your clients and your business.