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In the past, “innovation” in care management meant finding new ways to offer care or developing a new assessment program to address the needs of an underserved population. However, today’s innovation in care involves the use of technology and digital tools to make a significant difference in the lives of elders, disabled individuals, and children with special needs. We’re continuously exploring new ways to use technology on our clients’ behalf to deliver innovative solutions that increase quality of life and independence.

Datikor 2.0

Datikor 2.0 is a CareTree-powered, Web-based proprietary system that serves as a communication center between IKOR®, Financial Advisors, Trust Officers, Fiduciaries, Attorneys, Powers of Attorney, Guardians, and family members.

healthcare management - Datikor 2.0

Features Include

  • HIPAA compliant Format
  • Real time information within 48 hours of any interaction between the IKOR team and the client
  • Includes all medical records, medications, IKOR assessments advanced directives, Power of Attorney, and any information or documents that may be needed in an emergency
  • An up to date photo of the client for professionals who don’t see them frequently
  • Any documents that need to be stored for the client
  • Integration with Patient Portals – to store direct access to the medical records for every doctor and hospital, so you can know what happened at appointments
  • Client’s Care Plan with medical history and emergency contacts
  • IKOR Case Notes and interactions with automatic messaging to the IKOR Care team members directly from the Datikor 2.0 System
  • A photo, a biography, and contact information for anyone who supports the client